Flames of Revolt

Matchbook III

Found out the hunters were a bunch of old god boys. Nice to know we sent them to a “good” home.

The signal finally led us to some kind of what ‘Pop calls a satellite dish. Guess what I’m gonna do with THAT!

6 bots on the way down the hill. Mustache has a pretty good arm on him so I gave him my grenade. DAMN! That went off so well I almost sprung wood. Still coming though. I hope our pistol packin’ mamma comes through…Crack…that’s our girl. WOW, these fuckers have laser guns.

Oh crap oh crap oh crap. ‘Pop got hit. I fuckin hate being a hero but I’ll go get her. Here comes the cav.

Watching these guys trying to figure out how to get the dish off the pole is we funny. I kept telling them they should have just let me blow the fucking pole up.

Tims tells us that some dude named Spider is Rook’s brother. Seems they’ve been trying to out dick each other for a while. Is it possible that we were hired to a high stakes game of grab ass? Of course it is. And it even gooder. Hooker chick found a cigar butt and Spider smokes these exact kinds of cigars. So, here’s the plan. Take proof that Spider is the butt face back to butt face Rook and let Rook pay us to do another job.

Pay for the job is a total of 12 coin and another 20 in Rook IOU. ($256)

Now we’re going after Spider’s tattoo. He won’t be easy to get to. Know what I find works to make things easier? Right, more explosives!



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