Flames of Revolt

Matchbook IV

So, here’s the plan. We get a boat. We get a trashcan. We fill the can with BANG and FLASH. We drop the can in the boat and float it between Spider’s air strip and stadium. BANG and FLASH! Bad guys go find out what happened and we sneak in the door I blow in the wall. Easy peasy, yeah?

Or we can send in the tits. I hate to say it but I hadn’t considered that we won’t know where Spider is once we blow the wall. Fine, I’ll put my bomb away.

Man, it’s like we don’t know what we’re doing. So, HERE’S the new and improved, etched in stone, no plan b plan. ‘Stach and Clip grab a dingy we load on the buck board and head south. Drop tits at the front door and wait for her call. She finds out where Spider is and we blow the boat, then the door then scalp. Now, let’s see if we can pull this off.

Man…she’s been in there a long time. Maybe we should call her.

There’s the signal! The SS Bullet Magnet sets sail. And then we’re one if by land.

A party? Craptastic. We can still make this work. The boom went off as planned and we’re in position. The doors are open so I won’t need the breach. I’ll smoke screen for ‘stach. (scratch 1 smoke) Clip will snipe cover for tits as she takes, instead of gives, Spider head.

She’s riding him like a wild bull! She’s got her cord around his neck and the chairs going over. Come on Clip, take out the thugs!

Fist of Fire and Fist of Steel! Come on you mud fuckers, I got you game ball right here! Hot cheerleaders? Hot pants? Fire crotch! That’s it, Fire Crotch (scratch 1 fire)

She’s at the 50! She’s at the 40! The 30! 20! She’s going all the way again! TOUCH DOWN GOOD GUYS!

And the good guys win again! Well, maybe we’re not exactly that good.


Napalm sticks to chicks!

Matchbook IV

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