White haired teen with a bad limp and glasses.


11 strength
9 dexterity
15 intelligence
12 hit points
bad temper
lame (crippled leg) -3 leg based physical
youth (15 years old) 30 skill points max
wealth (poor)
Target on 3d
17 acute sense (acute vision level 2)
17 language (level 2)
16 strong will (level 1)
17 demolition 2 M/A
16 area knowledge +1 M/E
15 lock pick M/A
10 pick pocket +1 P/H
7 hand weapon (fencing with cane) -2 (
1 skill-3 lame) P/A
15 natural sciences chemistry M/H
16 traps 1 M/A
10 handguns +1 P/E
11 throw weapon (grenade) +2 P/E
2 move/dodge (ht
2.25 speed

Blip Baton
Night Scream Goggles

exp 9


Matchstick is a 15 year old self taught chemist/pyro/arsonist/bomb maker with a badly burned (lame) right leg and a volatile temper. The injury is due to miscalculating a fuse. His most preferred clothing options are synthetic flame resistant fabrics and tend toward blues or greys. His long white hair is usually tied with a yellow ribbon. When he is active he is always looking for things he can use as makeshift components of traps and explosives. When sleeping he uses his skills to set traps at entry points. In close quarters he uses smaller anti personnel traps such as trip wire triggered shot guns or cross bows pointing at the door. In larger areas where he can be away from the door he tends to use more area affect traps like dropping a spark in a puddle of fuel. With girls he is shy and nervous. If girls make fun of his awkwardness he will redirect his embarrassed anger resulting in something going BOOM.


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