Entrepreneur, gangster, fixer - a one man crime riot.


In the beginning, Seattle was a war torn crater. Then came the scavengers – those making a living salvaging the remains of the city. When the coins began to flow, there was a demand. A demand for products and services not found in the debris and waste. A demand for the novel, the unusual, the exotic and the pleasurable. Parasites showed up to feed on the scavengers, devouring their coins and providing unusal products and exotic services. One of the most successful of those parasites is a man named Rook.

Rook is a wide man, average height, but lean as antelope. His long, black hair is kept in a loose but neat tail. He will frequently be found lounging in his apartment above his brothel/casino that serves as his office and base of operations. He chooses to wear comfortable but neat and well made, thus expensive, clothes.

Don’t let his friendly, accommodating demeanor fool or disarm you. If you are talking to him it’s likely because he finds you useful. He would ignore the useless and discard the troublesome. His personal body count is unknown but rumored to be high. He is a quite deadly parasite.

Today’s Seattle may be a small pile of garbage, but Rook sits on top of that pile.


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