Angry men die hard.


Spider, the younger brother of Rook, had long lived in his more successful brother’s shadow and despised it. However, there rarely appeared a chance to change his stars. Even unto the end.

Spider was often said to be a copy of Rook, only Spider shaved his head to show off a large spider tattoo that dominated his forehead and scalp. He preferred black leather, many felt to contrast his brother’s preference for white cloth.

Early on, Spider hung with Jack Spade‘s crew, mostly to be near Rook. He quickly befriended Tims and the rest of the crew. As time passed, his skills grew. There wasn’t a lock Spider couldn’t pop. He was an artist with a lock pick. He was also very good at hot wiring and basic vehicle electrical systems.

However, Spider went further and further to impress his brother, taking risks and performing insane stunts. Often this annoyed Rook and got Spider into trouble he couldn’t handle.

The crew eventually went separate ways. Jack to the arena, Tims to his settlement and Rook started his casino & brothel. Spider spent his money at Rooks. Then more and more on drugs – anything for a rush. Spider disappeared for months at a time, only to later contact Rook to come bail him out. Each time Spider resurfaced, he was angrier. Rook tried to help, but his tough love solutions only pissed off Spider.

The last few years, Spider had gathered his own minions. It seemed he had finally attained some success. However, his decision to attack Tims’ settlement, Allentown, proved to be the last straw for Rook. Rook requested that Spider’s tattoo be brought to him, regardless of the state of Spider.

Spider was attacked and decapitated in his own encampment by Pearl.


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