Headman - Allentown Settlement


Tims is an unassuming, quiet man. His silence hides an inner strength and a core of sincere integrity. His simple clothes; threadbare, patched and stained speaks to a life of utilitarianism, poverty and subsistence.

Tim’s is likely in his mid thirties. He keeps his head and face shaved, wearing a handmade knit cap. His face shows signs of excessive exposure to the elements, the stress of his world and having missed more than one meal.

When boiled down, Tims is a husband, father, farmer and mayor of a very small town. He cares for his family very much and thinks of the people in the settlement as members of that family. He is a genuinely good man. So good he would go to a gangster for help.

Not that this was a far out action for Tims. When Tims was young, he ran with Jack Spade’s crew with Rook and Spider. But that was a long time ago. That was before Allentown, before Jack left the arena and before Rook asked Tims to kill Spider.


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