Lucky Bornwrong

Lucky? As the walls of civilization crumbled and fell, so did the various establishments protected and cherished by civilized society. For example: a free and unfettered press.

At first, the news media was corrupted by indirect manipulation by governments and large, politically motivated corporations. Then more direct methods. Soon it was simple censorship. Eventually the average citizen tired of reading what was handed to them because there was no truth, only propaganda. At its worst, even weather forecasting was used to spread lies and gin up mass anxiety. Many went looking for underground sources of information.

As the governments fell and people lost all taste for a corrupt press, the megacorps found no reason to continue trying to misinform a distrusting public, preferring more direct “bread & circuses” methods, then, simple suppression, mass starvation and torture.

At this point, several maverick journalists began to show up on the scene. Their writings of poverty, disease, mutation and the horrors of a planet in chaos were, in a word, popular. The digital journals and blogs passed from hand to hand. The stories were often over wrought, full of impossible creatures and insane acts – or were they impossible?

Forty or so years ago, a name popped up that has resonated in the popular mind since; Lucky Bornwrong. Lucky’s writing style is evocative and angry. It’s obvious he sees the world as out to get us all, with the Megacorporations in the lead. His writings frequently call for revolution and an end to rule by the Megacorps whom he feels brought down this ruin upon Earth. Many have claimed to have met a man who called himself Lucky, but no two pictures of him seem to agree on what he looks like. Many feel Lucky may be more than one writer. Certainly, there are works that have been stripped of the name of the original author and replaced with Bornwrong.

Bornwrong’s most popular work is The Diary of Lucky Bornwrong.

In the end, no one is sure if Lucky Bornwrong ever even existed.

Lucky Bornwrong

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