Ventex Tower, Mars In all of human history, no concept has allowed for a more rapid creation of wealth than the corporation. Coming out of the 20th century, the corporation had grown into the Multinational. Many of these globe spanning entities were richer than several medium sized countries. With their seemingly inexhaustible access to wealth, they were often able to influence even the largest, most powerful countries.

As the power and influence of the multinationals grew, they were able to cajole or force nations to do away with competition and anti-trust laws which only served to curb the power and growth of these money-making machines. Thus, the rich became richer and the multinationals took on a new level of power. The megacorporation was born.

Most megacorporations today dominate vast portions of the market, both horizontally and vertically. A single megacorporation may mine the titanium, build the drives, build the hulls, assemble the spaceliner, fly the spaceliner, make the food, bedding and gym equipment on the spaceliner, operate the spaceport, operate the surface to orbit shuttle fleet (not to mention build the shuttles), hotel the spaceliner’s passengers on several planets and recycle the spaceliner at the end of its service. Obviously, the competition for these wide swaths of the market is fierce. Not so obviously, the competition is often bloody.

Most megacorporations own large military forces – as many of them are mercenary brokers as well. However, these are often used for protection and defense. To attack another megacorp, teams of adventurous pawns are often … acquired. These attacks, counter attacks and retaliations have been going on in the shadows since the wars. A megacorporation faced with an obvious, outright attack by another megacorp must decide to either lose face on a PR disaster, cover up the attack – which can get messy or declare an all out war against the aggressor. Thus, the unwritten rule is to keep the in-fighting quiet and discreet.

A Brief List of Megacorporations:



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