Anyone living in modern London likely works for the megacorporation Sellus. One might be tempted to say some work for Sellus indirectly, but they would not be accounting for the reach of this megacorp. If you buy a butler droid, a pistol, a microwave oven or a latte within 25 kilometers of London, it was likely manufactured by, sold by and serviced by a Sellus representative.

Sellus is the Pepsi to the Coke of Ventex. This is both figurative and literal as Sellus owns Pepsi, as Ventex owns Coke. Both megacorps have their tentacles wrapped around thousands of vertically and horizontally integrated mining/manufacturing/agricultural/sales concerns. In the end, Sellus always seems to be one step behind, their product is always a month late to market and costs a few coins more. The Ventex reputation has carried it roughshod over Sellus’ successes.

More than any other megacorps, Sellus & Ventex are consistently in conflict, even if covertly so. Many a mercenary has retired, rich and/or dead, as a result of a Sellus vs. Ventex contract.

The UD9 – Urban Drone Tank is a fine Sellus product.


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