The Diary of Lucky Bornwrong

There are plenty of travel logs and blogs from various underground journalists. These are passed from one person to another, usually electronically, but there are a few printed and bound texts.

One of the most popular, and one of the longest at over 750 pages, is The Diary of Lucky Bornworng. Bornwrong’s writings seem to inspire the popular imagination as well as stir the desire for a better world and a better life.

More copies of TDoLB have been burned in the last ten years than any other writing, even more than the Christian Bible. Bringing an electronic copy of TDoLB into some of the more paranoid megacorp enclaves is punishable with instant execution – as if they ever needed a reason.

The diary chronicles the first years of Lucky’s life. The trials of growing up in an armed encampment near old Nashville. Leaving the abuse of his family and the xenophobia of the encampment, traveling north on foot, Bornwrong encounters strange creatures, murderous cults, terrible disease and his own mortality nearly daily. The book ends when Bornwrong arrives at the ruins of old Chicago some seven years after he set off. He had aged immensely and felt that the only solution to the problems of Earth and the rest of the Solar System was to overthrow the Megacorporate masters.

The Diary of Lucky Bornwrong

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