Jack Spade

Used Vehicle Lot Owner and Slave Owner


Jack Spade began his career by literally digging out old cars and trucks, then stealing replacement parts to fix those vehicles and sell them to anyone with cash. He built a crew. That crew included Rook, Tims and Rook’s brother, Spider. The crew moved to stealing cars, trucks and even aircars and shuttles, repainting or customizing and then reselling.

Jack did some time in the gladiatorial ring. He was a mixed martial arts fighter and has 16 official kills on his record. One match pitted Jack against four children, none older than 10. Jack walked out of the ring and never returned.

These days Jack is a legitimate business man. His lot on Alaskan Way is popular and quite lucrative. He sells many vehicles, but he makes more coins from repairs and maintenance. Spade’s crew still includes a few of his old cronies from his days of boosting speeders, but mostly it’s young kids who are good with their hands. Spade also owns a few slaves, including one called Lollipop. Spade is good to his slaves, treats them like any other employee. However, anyone that crosses him; employee, slave or customer, will likely taste his left jab – or worse.


Jack Spade

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